For this collaboration I looked into the best method to print the nighttime shot from Noe Alonzo. I decided it would be great to utilise a black paper as it’s a nighttime shot. The next challenge was to figure out the best method to execute the print. For this I used a custom Ultraviolet white ink I had been developing from a recent mural commission along with neon yellow, cyan & magenta. In order to print on the black paper a layer of white must be added as a staring point. I deconstructed his image into the areas of light and dark so I could print only on the light areas. Next I split the colours into it’s separate yellow, cyan, magenta, white & black layers and edited each so they would be print ready. Once this was done I was then able to print in a standard CMYK fashion as a regular home printer would do. It’s quite magical to see the full spectrum of colours form from the simple colour mix of the four CMYK layers. This print is a six layer silkscreen print which utilises two white layers along with the CMYK process.

Photographer: @noealzii

Cinematography: @lucidminds

Tune: Bittersweet - Soul:Motion & Colossus