Hold onto your monocles, folks! Our brand new neon sticker, is making its way to our shiny new shop. Get ready to add a pop of colour to your life with this eye-catching piece of art. Stay tuned for the grand opening, where you’ll be able to snag this little beauty for yourself!  

‘Huitzilopochtli’ Painting Timelapse Video  

New Online Shop Coming Soon! Tune: Wax - 30003b  

I K A R O A - Two colour ultraviolet silkscreen print. Taking its name from the Maori word for ‘the long fish that gave birth to all the stars in the Milky Way’ depicts a carp, bringing together Japanese and Maori culture within a retro framework. Tune by: Chaos In The CBD - Dusty Sundays  

For this collaboration I looked into the best method to print the nighttime shot from Noe Alonzo. I decided it would be great to utilise a black paper as it’s a nighttime shot. The next challenge was to figure out the best method to execute the print. For this I used a custom Ultraviolet white ink I had been developing from a recent mural commission along with neon yellow, cyan & magenta. In order to print on the black paper a layer of white must be added as a staring point. I deconstructed his image into the areas of light and dark so I could print only on the light areas. Next I split the colours into it’s separate yellow, cyan, magenta, white & black layers and edited each so they would be print ready. Once this was done I was then able to print in a standard CMYK fashion as a regular home printer would do. It’s quite magical to see the full spectrum of colours form from the simple colour mix of the four CMYK layers. This print is a six layer silkscreen print which utilises two white layers along with the CMYK process.  

For this collaboration I looked into the best method to print the daytime shot from Noe Alonzo. As the original photograph predominantly uses magenta & cyan I decided to print half the run without the yellow layer which would amplify the pinks within the image and half with yellow layer to bring out more reds. I added a metalic powder into an additional layer to accentuate the image and add a more unique and magical element to the print which is inline with the initial appeal of the photograph.  

The tiger’s transition to becoming human. A tiger pounces into the spiritual realm with Buddha, Yama (The Lord of Hell) Interior shot of an ultraviolet sensitive mural for @tigerlairseoul (6.4m X 1.2m) - Tune: Delirous - BCee, Kimyan Law  

Travel to a realm of enlightenment inspired by ancient Korean mythology. A tiger undergoes a spiritual journey shifting through layers of enlightenment on his path to becoming human. Along the way he encounters shrines, temples and mediation gardens inhabited by Buddha & Yama (The Lord of Hell). Tune: Disillusion - Gerra & Stone  

‘Punk Magpie’ Mural, Yelsultong Street Art Festival Seoul  

Sneak peek from behind the scenes with good friends @dekal @mmint.uk @vip5one silkscreen print. Tune: Alt-J ‘Left Hand Free’  

Sneak peek from behind the scenes with good friends @dekal @mmint.uk @psoman_art silkscreen print